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06. May 11

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US Platinum Coins

Platinum is a very precious metal that is much scarcer and is worth nearly two times as much as gold. And the value and scarcity of platinum just keeps on rising. Investing in platinum is a great idea...

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Zoanthids are an ultra-colorful, vibrant coral species that adds life and vigor to any reef aquarium. Zoanthid corals colonize, meaning they reproduce and stick together to form a 'colony' of zoanthid...

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Lia Sophia Earrings

Lia Sophia earrings are the latest craze in custom jewelry! If you don't have any, you're missing out. Lia Sophia earrings are wildly popular right now, and it's extremely hard for dealers to keep the...

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Police Scanners

If you're an aspiring lawman, a real one, or just someone who likes a little extra excitement, police scanners provide just that--excitement.

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Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is one of the greatest remnants of the Mayan civilization from the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. In 2007, it was voted as a Wonder of the World, joining ranks with the Great Pyramid of Egy...

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1632 by Eric Flint

I'm a history nut, and I love reading about anything that has to do with history--especially medieval history. 1632 is a historical fiction novel that is about a modern-day small town in West Virginia...

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Bald Cypress Bonsai Trees

Bald Cypress Bonsai trees are miniature versions of the big Bald Cypress Trees that grow mainly in southern states of the USA like Louisiana and Florida.They are fun to keep and make an interesting ad...

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Foreign Language

I have a strong interest in language, and I love learning how to communicate with people from all parts of the world. Being able to do so is a form of power. So many doors are opened when one studies ...

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Final Fantasy VIII

One of the greatest games ever made for Playstation, Final Fantasy VIII became a hit and gained--and still continues to gain--millions of fans.

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Is Time Travel Possible?

Is Time Travel Possible? Time travel has long been believed to be nothing but a silly science-fiction theory--something you'd find only in movies and novels. However, with recent advances in quantum p...


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