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06. May 11

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Ficus Bonsai Trees

A favorite among bonsai lovers, and with good reason, the Ficus Bonsai Tree is a unique and exotic bonsai tree suited for indoor places like homes and offices. The thing about Ficus Bonsais is they ar...

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Sword of Truth Wallpapers

If you're a fan of the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind like I am (obsessed maybe?), you're always looking for new ways to express your love for these awesome books. What better way to do that ...

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Sword of Truth: Confessor

Confessor is the final book in the Sword of Truth series, written by the fantastic author Terry Goodkind. This book was released on the 13th of November, 2007.Confessor continues and finishes the Swor...

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Dead Pawn Rings

Dead Pawn is the hottest topic in custom sterling Native American jewelry, and with good reason. This jewelry is beautiful, and delightfully unique--it's no surprise that dealers can't even keep Dead ...

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Gandalf vs Dumbledore

Gandalf vs Dumbledore Imagine it. Two of the greatest wizards ever going head-to-head in an all-out battle. Dumbledore with his wand and Gandalf with his staff. Who would win?

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In-tank Aquarium Refugium

Want a place to acclimate new arrivals to your aquarium, provide a haven for injured fish or invertebrates, or just have a special area to raise things like plants and food for your aquarium's inhabit...

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Microsoft Habu Laser Mouse

The Microsoft Habu is perhaps one the the best gaming mouses on the market--it's comfortable, looks cool, and most importantly it is extremely accurate. It combines the sleekness and comfort of Micros...

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The Clear Word Bible

Do you find the Bible hard to read with all those 'thees' and 'thous' and 'thys'? Then the Clear Word Bible is just for you. The Clear Word is not an official translation or version of the Bible--it i...

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State Of Fear

Michael Crichton has done it yet again. State of Fear is another amazing scientific thriller that will literally leave you in a state of fear.

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Temple Of The Winds by Terry Goodkind

This is the fourth book in the Sword of Truth series by author Terry Goodkind. Following Blood of the Fold, the third book in the series, Temple of the Winds continues the story of Richard Rahl, Kahla...


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