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06. May 11

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Nano Cube Videos

The JBJ Nano Cube has become one of the most popular nano aquariums to date, and many happy reefers have made videos about their amazing little Nano Cubes. This page has a collection of Nano Cube vide...

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LOLCats - Hilarious Cat Pictures

Let's face it: cats are completely awesome. And when paired up with hilarious punch lines, the end result is mindblowing. This page collects some of the coolest LOLcat pics on the web, so be prepared ...

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Mushroom Coral

Mushroom corals are easy to take care of and don't demand much, so they are perfect for beginners and nano reef tanks. Don't get me wrong; mushroom corals are not to be underestimated. Mushrooms are v...

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Cats or Dogs?

Which do you prefer? Are you a cat-lover or a dog-lover? I personally prefer cats..dogs bark, whine, smell, and drool all over...and cats just lay around and sleep all day. You don't have to take a ca...

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Reef Aquarium Forum

Reefland is the #1 reef aquarium community on the Internet. It is a friendly and active community with people discussing the marine aquarium hobby 24/7 and sharing photos of their reef aquarium critte...

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TV Silencer

Do you, or someone you know, have loved ones who don't ever seem to answer the phone because of a loud TV? Perhaps you yourself have trouble hearing the phone ringing when watching TV? Fear not, the T...

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The Office: The Best Office Ever

It's turned the office environment into a place of hilarity. It's funny, witty, and sometimes completely outrageous. It's NBC's The Office, and it stars the same man that's been a news anchor, Biblica...

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Lord Of The Rings: The Best Trilogy Ever

A masterpiece first written by the legendary J.R.R Tolkien, Lord of the Rings has had, and continues to have, a place in the hearts of many. It was first brought to the big screen in 2001 where it bec...

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Dead Pawn Jewelry

I lived in the American Southwest for some time, and just about everywhere were shops selling authentic Native American sterling jewelry. And wow, was it beautiful.Dead Pawn jewelry is stunningly gorg...

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Improving Listening Skills

Listening effectively to somebody can be a challenge, as in order to really listen you have to concentrate--which is work--and nobody likes work right?Distractions--such as noise, discomfort, and exha...


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