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06. May 11

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The American Gold Buffalo Coin

The American Gold Buffalo Coin is a 24 karat, pure gold coin that definitely deserves a spot in everybody's gold coin collection or investment. With the price of gold skyrocketing and the economy in a...

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I think we all can agree that Darth Vader is awesome, right? How about funny Darth Vader? This page lists the funniest Darth Vader videos, sites, pictures, and more.

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Aquarium Refractometers

Keeping water parameters in the right range is crucial for a healthy and happy aquarium, and the best way to get the most accurate reading of salt levels in a saltwater aquarium is with a refractomete...

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Lia Sophia Bracelets

Lia Sophia is the latest craze in fashion jewelry, and because of that it's really hard to find. Fortunately, there is a site where Lia Sophia bracelets can be found all the time, and at the lowest pr...

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Pico Reef Aquariums

Are you a reef aquarium fanatic who already has a small aquarium (nano) but is looking for something even...smaller? Pico reefs are a step up from nano reefs, and are even tinier--ranging anywhere to ...

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The O'Reilly Factor: The Best Talkshow Ever

I love listening to the No Spin Zone every day with Bill O'Reilly. I really consider it to be one of the (very few) talkshows worth my time. O'Reilly is an excellent American who "has his head sc...

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Coralife Pure-Flo II Reverse Osmosis Units

Aquariums require the purest and cleanest water possible. Normal tap water is filled with chemicals and substances that are unsafe, even lethal, for aquariums. Reverse Osmosis is a procedure that comp...

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Bowtech 82nd Airborne

Recognized by pro archers and bow hunters as one of the fastest and most precise compound bows ever created, the Bowtech 82nd Airborne Compound Bow makes a fantastic archery or bow hunting companion t...

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Welcome to the most expansive, open-ended game ever created for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Enter a whole new world of magic, mysticism, and mystery. Life a life as a powerful wizard, sneaky assas...

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Ecotech Vortech Aquarium Pump

Meet one of the most innovative and powerful aquarium pumps ever designed--the Ecotech Vortech. With the Vortech aquarium pump, you can move water through your aquarium easily and painlessly, and crea...


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